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CMDU: The Slingers.
The Slingers from the CMDU.
- Beast Boy aka Garfield Mark Logan: 
After the general assembly of the Titans when the universes collided Tim offered Garfield, Rachel and Jaimie a place in the Slingers. Beast Boy found there some new friends like Spider-Man who became like the older brother he never had. He's the strongest member of the team.
-Raven aka Rachel Roth:
Even if she is already a member of the Defenders she shares her time between them, The Slingers and her boyfriend Garfield. She developed a fantastic friendship with Dusk as their both gothic girl with shadow and teleportation themed powers. 
- Blue Beetle III aka Jaimie Reyes:
He couldn't refuse when Tim gave Jaimie the opportunity to enter the Slingers. He developed a friendship with Peter as well as they're both "the bugs of the group". During the period when the Slingers were protecting Agent Venom from the Outisiders Jaimie had a conversation with Flash Thompson and he discovered that they (just like the symbiote and the scarab) are very similar.
- Ricochet aka Johnaton Gallo:
Even if he had some awfull memories of his time in the Slingers he helped Spider-Man as he always was a great friend of his. They both became good friends of Nightwing's. Ricochet said that when this battle between the Slingers and the Outsider is done we would like to be trained by Batman.
- Spider-Man aka Peter Benjamin Parker:
After a fight between him and Batman over the Agent Venom threath he left the Outsiders and gathered a new version of the Slingers including Batman's current partner Red Robin. Spider-Man, in order to train the young heroes, introduced heroes from his world to them such as Black Panther, Nighthawk, Nova and Beast.
- Red Robin aka Timothy Jackson "Tim" drake:
Even if he's Batman's partner he decided to stand on Spider-Man's side as he thinks that they should protect the vigilante known as Agent Venom. When Spider-Man introduced Nighthawk to the team Tim was astonished by him and wanted him to become his mentor until he reconcile with Bruce.
- Dusk aka Cassie St. Commons:
She was surprised when her long life friend Peter and her boyfriend Johnny were recreating the group with some new recruits and accepted their invitations to be part of it so she could "teach the younger heroes how to be a perfect Slinger". She developed a friendship with Raven.

Leader: Spider-Man.
Co-leaders: Ricochet and Dusk.
Powerhouses: Beast Boy, Raven and Blue Beetle.
Experts of magic: Raven.
Strategists: Spider-Man and Red Robin.
Brains of the team: Spider-Man and Raven.
Experts of the galaxy: Spider-Man and Dusk.
Experts of the martial arts: Spider-Man, Ricochet and Red Robin.

CMDU: Cyclops.
Before the two universes collided Cyclops was in the Xavier Institute. After a while a big gleam teleported him on a beach were some carnivourous humanoid fishes (the Trenches) were attacking a group of tourists. Cyclops started a fight with them until he was helped by a blond man with a trident who introduced himself as Aquaman, the King of Atlantis. When Aquaman asked Scott who was the man with wings on his ankles he met, Cyclops understood he was talking about Namor and told him who he was and what he did speaking about the Cabal and the Dark X-Men. When Aquaman, who was strangely shocked, went away Cyclops started walking around the new city (Metropolis) looking for answers. Now he is a member of the JLA and he knew what happened when Superman told him. He was happy to find Aquaman in the JLA. Cyclops gathered the old X-Men back (with some new recruits) just for find Jean Grey who was left for lost.

- Scott Summers.
- Cyclops.
CMDU: Quicksilver.
Pietro was chasing the Speed Demon when a big gleam switched Speed Demon with a yellow and red speedster (the Reverse Flash) who was so confused when he saw Pietro that stumbled to the ground. They started a fight and Pietro beat him and  brought him to the Raft. He quickly ran in town and saw Ghost Rider fighting against a manster with enourmous teeth (the General). They collaborated for a while until a red, blue and white hero (Citizen Steel) helped them. They were confused because they met people they never saw before. They started a collaboration and defeated some villains and looked for answers around. They asked Doctor Strange, a wizard with a yellow helmet (Doctor Fate) and Scarlet Witch but none of them asnwered them as they were as confused as the trio. Now Quicksilver is one of the new Outsiders. He was Batman first choice as new speedster of the team as he thinks Quicksilver is more efficent in combact that the Flash and is more skilled.

- Pietro Maximoff.
- Quicksilver.
Kevin Kho was teleported by a strange gleam in a room with a table. Sitting on this table there were a man with a purple mask (Baron Zemo), A lady with a green crown (Amora the Enchantress) and other guys (the Masters of Evil). They started a fight with him until a blond man with a red and white suit (Piledriver) knocked down OMAC too hard and made him finish away in a new city (Manhattan). OMAC continued to fight with the villains and defeated some of them but the others ran away. Then some new heroes and Captain Atom went there to see what was happening. They were a man with a shield (Captain America), a viking with a hammer (Thor), a gold and red robot man (Iron Man) and a man with a black cat suit (Black Panther). They asked OMAC to join their team, the Avengers and he accepted. Later Thor tested his strenght to make him Hulk's substitute.

- Kevin Kho.
- O.M.A.C.
CMDU: Geo-Force.
When the universes became on universe Brion and Rex where fighting against Meltdown when the gleam took Brion on a roof in the middle of a fight against a young bug hero (Spider-Man) and a man make of pure sand (Sandman). Brion used his powers to help the hero and they started a conversation talking about what was going on, how Brion defeated Sandman, where he comes from and so on. Then Spider-Man went away and Brion found Rex in the new city (Queens, New York). Now they're both members of the new Outsiders that Batman assembled. Batman asked both Brion and Rex to help him against Protector. Brion was the only one who asked Batman why the other old members weren't in the team. Batman just said "They quitted" making Geo-Force extremely curious.

- Brion Markov.
- Geo-Force.
CMDU: US Agent.
John was in his apartment and was putting his uniform away when a gleam took him in front of a enormous gorilla (Gorilla Grodd). Then we was like unconscious for like 5 minutes when a super fast boy (Kid Flash) woke him up and asked him to defeat some other villains. John confused accepted and went with fighting some guys with ridiculous costumes (the Rogues). When the fast boy met his friends John was called by Captain America in the Stark Tower. Cap introduced John to a dark man with a black suit (Batman) who wanted someone like John in his team, the Outsiders. John accepted and became the first Marvel member of the Outsiders. US Agent also met Steve Trevor and became on of his best allies and a great friend of his.

- John Walker (us army uniform).
- US Agent.
CMDU: Spider-Man.

Spider-Man was fighting Sandman when a strange white gleam blinded them. Then a man with an orange suit defeated Sandman using some strange kind of telekinesis. Shocked Spider-Man thanked the hero and had a conversation with him. After a while he went away and in the evening saw a damaged half man half machine boy who was fighting against a enormous man made of stone. Spider-Man helped the hero and recommended Stark to him to make him fix his armor. Now Spider-Man is a member of the Outsiders and leads his own squad, the Slingers a group of young heroes. He became a big friend of Nightwing and Batman and helped them several times. When Nightwing told Spider-Man about Black Spider Peter he said "Look man, there are only 3 things I hate: pumpkins, clones and evil rip-offs. Blood Spider knows something about that".

After some days Spider-Man was called by Batman who wanted informations about a strange vigilante with a strange black suit. Batman showed Spider-Man the pictures he found and Spider-Man recognized the vigilante as Agent Venom aka his long life friend Eugene "Flash" Thompson. Spider-Man explained Batman who he was and spoke also about the symbiote. Batman asked Spider-Man to tell him informations about how to destroy the symbiote but Spider-man disagreed as Flash could died because he spent to much time with the symbiote and being divided from it would kill him. Batman understood Spider-Man was personally involved in the situation and thought he was lying so he insisted but Spider-Man refused to tell him. It ended with Spider-Man quitting the Outsiders and Batman having to more problems: the new vigilante and the only one who knows how to beat him. So Spider-Man decided to recreate his team The Slingers and he was helped by two old friends of his: Johnathon Gallo aka Ricochet and Cassie Commons aka Dusk. Spidey was surprised when some new teen leaded by Red Robin decided to join the group. Even if Red Robin was Batman's sidekick he joined Spider-Man's side and brought some friends with him

15/05 Update: I added the story where Spider-Man leaves the Outsiders.

- Peter Parker.
- Spider-Man.
- Black suit.

CMDU: Superboy.
Superboy was with Kid Flash when the universes collided. After a while they were blinded by a gleam and a green skinned monster (abomination) appeared in front of them and started yelling "WHERE IS HE?!WHERE IS HULK?!" and destroying everything on his sight- Kid Flash had immediately a call from Barry who told him to stop some of the Rogues in Central City. Bart went away telling Superboy "Gotta go, this guy seems someone YOUR own size". Conner started fightning with the monster and defeated him. The evening later Superman told him what happened to the universes and that the JLA (including the Marvel members) needed some new Teen Titans and wanted him as the leader. Now Superboyis the new Teen Titans' leader and became a big friend/rival of Goliath and Hulkling.

- Conner Kent.
- Superboy.
CMDU: Protector.
Before the universes collided Noh-Varr was talking with Bucky Barnes about the fact that nobody trusts him (because of his past actions in the Dark Avengers and against the Illuminati) and asked the Winter Soldier some suggestions (as he acted like a criminal too and now everybody likes him). While Bucky was about to answer a gleam teleported Noh-Varr in the middle of the sky where a strange grey-skinned freak (Bizarro) attacked him and they started a fight. After a while Protector saw a blue blur (Supergirl) take away the monster and so he flew away looking for answers. Now he's a member of the JLA choosen by Wonder Woman to be Green Lantern's substitute. He knows that Batman doesn't trust him and tries to prove him his worthiness to be a leaguer and a reliable hero and friend.

- Noh-Varr.
- Protector.
CMDU: Giant-Man.
When the universes collided Hank was testing his growing abilities in his lab. While he was growing a gleam teleported him in a strange cave (the Arrowcave) where he hit the ceiling. Then a man with a green hood came to see what happened and was astonished to see Giant-Man. He pointed Hank with a bow and an arrow and asked him who he was and how he got in there. After a confused conversation they heard some strange sounds from the outside and they went to look. Pym was shocked to see Lizard fighting against some kind of a red haired caveman (Mammoth) so he helped Oliver beating them down. Now he's the new JLA's brain recruited by Batman and keeps his identity as Giant-Man leaving the Ant-Man identity to Scott Lang.

- Dr. Hank Pym.
- Giant-Man.
So guys, I'm gonna show you the Legion's timeline. These are the stories me and Naps137 created for our universe and they are:

- Legion Origins.

- New Legion.

- The Devil know know?

- a Bountiful gain.
- Midenite Hour.

- Hunted.
- Queen's gambit.
- Legion World.

- Dishonor.
- Mirrors.

- Legion Ever After.


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